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Katie sets the record straight! 

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Whenever we see Katie’s face on the cover of a magazine or newspaper with the word “exclusive” written across it we look the other way, guessing that the quotes are all taken from past interviews and regurgitated.  But when Katie tweeted last night saying, “OMG BIG THANKS to THE DAILY STAR newspaper-GET IT TOMORROW”, we thought we should check it out. 
Following her return from LA she talked to the newspaper about recent events, “Look, I’ve had pretty much two years from hell. There are those who want to see me destroyed and they’ll stop at nothing to ruin everything I’ve worked for. I know I make a living from promoting myself but I’m shocked at how much some people hate me and how some people lie about me.”
However she insists that she isn’t saying all of this to win sympathy votes, or because she feels sorry for herself, she just wants to clear things up that have been said about her, “I’m not feeling sorry for myself and I don’t cry easily but the last few months have been the WORST ever and yes I’ve been in tears. The stress of my divorce from Alex and all the stuff hanging over from Pete is enormous. However I am NOT having a breakdown nor have I ever been close.”
When asked about her relationship with Pete she is keen to point out that she still cares for him, but mostly because of the link they share through their children. “Look, Pete will always be in my life. I don’t want a war because it will haunt the kids for the rest of their lives. I do care for Pete but not to the extent where I wanted to rush to his side when he was ill recently as yet another lie said. That’s his girlfriend’s job. He’s the father of my children, and for that reason I want him to be successful and happy.”
On speaking about the children she adds, “it is awful that they have been dragged into this. I love my kids and would never, ever hurt them or let them be hurt.”
We bet she’s glad she got all of this off her chest!

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